ELEKS is a global organisation that provides end-to-end software product development. Since 1991, the company’s innovative and award-winning solutions to include data science, mobility and wearables, as well as digital solutions have significantly contributed to the success of ELEKS’ customers, including Fortune 500® companies, and are recognised as a valuable part of international best practices.


Acknowledged among top 10 Quality Assurance Leaders according to Clutch’s research, ELEKS has been recognised for the company’s integrated approach to quality assurance, delivering secure, high quality, bug-free and cost-effective solutions to the customers worldwide.


ELEKS quality assurance advantages

– Top 10 quality assurance leaders, according to Clutch.
– 20+ years excellence in QA.
– 200+ qualified engineers.
– 40+ certified ISTQB specialists.
– Delivery for 100+ large and SMB clients.
– Quality assurance for the full-cycle product development.
– Manual, automated and innovative parallel testing techniques.
– Comprehensive QA Audit.
– Standards applied: IEEE 829, ISO 9126, ISO 27001.


Similar to project management best practices, ELEKS applies quality management in order to facilitate the achievement of the quality objectives and to deliver the highly effective solutions. Quality management requires the involvement of the quality assurance engineers on all the stages of software development lifecycle.


“Software solutions today are expected to be perfect in their first release,” said Nazariy Popov, QA Program Manager at ELEKS. ”We are committed to delivering high quality solutions on accelerated schedules, building testing tools and platforms, improving profitability and increasing the end-user satisfaction. With 20+ years of experience employing quality management programs, we help our customers exceed expectations in their marketplace.”


Interested in test automation? Please visit: eleks.com/auto-test