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TestFort (QArea)

Protecting your reputation since 2001
In a world where quality can’t be average and most clients are already spoiled with jaw-dropping solutions, professional quality assurance and quality control services are as essential as air. We, at TestFort have realised this fact far more than a decade ago and have been perfecting our mastery of the craft ever since.


TestFort is QArea’s independent QA lab and the company provides full stack solutions that include but are not limited to test design, QC, manual and automated testing.


TestFort’s mission
We are a QA lab with precise dedication to unravelled levels of quality that can satisfy our customers from various industries.


The core values and advantages of TestFort
– Committed to quality – we deliver only quality projects with high level of responsibility.
– Trust and respect – the core values in relationships with our clients.
– Cutting edge solutions – we are aware of all the latest technologies in software testing.
– Compliance to clients’ requirements – we provide clients with suitable and flexible terms of co-operation.
– Pleasing rates – our lab is already equipped and fully staffed with professional engineers, thus we can assure our clients receive solutions of finest quality without unnecessary investments.
– Confidentiality – most of the projects are protected by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).


TestFort’s team of engineers has followed these principles since 2001. Such an approach helped us to gain a solid reputation in the IT field.


Approach to testing
We are well aware that every case is unique and every project requires a personalised approach. Thus we’ve mastered the art of flexibility and provide a variety of possible business models like:
– Fixed cost.
– Time and materials.
– Dedicated teams.


Well-known and respected companies like Microsoft, Skype, the Huffington Post, Fin.IT and Universal Electronics are 100% satisfied with our level of services, determination, performance and rates.