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TEST Magazine was created specifically as a voice for professionals serious about software testing and quality in the modern environment. As such, it is read by over 10,700 members across Europe, the US and South Asia. Published in print and digital format on a bi-monthly basis, and written in an accessible, jargon-free style,
TEST Magazine provides an unbiased, holistic and pragmatic viewpoint that has made it the leading journal in its sector.
TEST Magazine September 2016
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The September issue of TEST Magazine is our biggest yet, and includes interesting and helpful pieces such as an in-depth introduction to TMMi from Dr Mark Rice, a look at software innovation in the transportation sector, secure mobile testing case studies, and much more. The issue opens with thought leadership pieces on the enduring nature of QA and real-time test metrics, and you can find the annual 20 Leading Testing Providers supplement on p. 51. This is our definitive guide to testing companies, their services and solutions.

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20 Leading Testing Providers
20 Leading Testing Providers

Following on from previous years, the 2016 20 Leading Testing Providers’ guide outlining different, selected software testing and quality assurance products and services was published in the September 2016 issue. The software testing landscape changes rapidly and we find that an annual update on the marketplace is a good starting place as you consider purchase decisions going forward. Click here to see full profiles from our 20 leading suppliers.

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Read by over 10,700 software testing and QA professionals, TEST Magazine is published in print and digital format on a bi-monthly basis, offering targeted coverage of the industry, from the latest trends, tools and events, to opinion pieces and how to guides. Published every year in September, our 2015-2016 media pack contains all the information about
TEST Magazine’s readership, circulation and editorial calendar.

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